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The certification course “Basic principles of the almost zero-energy building”, developed by the Energy Efficiency Center EnEffect within the framework of the INSTRUCT project, financed by the Horizon 2020 program of the EU under Grant Agreement 894756, is aimed at professionals with the qualification “Construction technician “, but also applicable to other specialties of the professions “Builder” and “Builder-installer”. 

The current training scheme is in line with the requirements of the Bulgarian qualification framework, developing the knowledge, skills and competencies of construction technicians who graduated before 2022, which marks the introduction of specialized units of learning outcomes into the state educational standard for the profession “Construction Technician” , related to energy efficiency. The course includes 10 modules that form an initial understanding of the basic principles of the passive and near-zero energy building from the point of view of building physics:

0) Overview of the main terminologies, principles and legislation

1) Location, orientation and shape

2) Thermal insulation

3) Windows and shading

4) Air density

5) Thermal bridges

6) Ventilation with heat recovery (recuperation)

7) Heating and cooling

8) Integration of renewable energy installations

9) Renovation of existing buildings

10) Economic viability

The themes are supported by units of learning outcomes (ESU), which are divided into two levels: 1) ESU, providing a shared knowledge base related to the achievement of EUSR for all professions within professional fields 582 “Construction” and 522 Electrical and Energy, and 2) ERU, providing specialized knowledge for the specific profession 582010 “Construction Technician”.

A full description of the certification scheme and learning outcomes is available here.

The current scheme is a pilot stage towards the introduction of a system for continuing vocational education in the construction sector, which is expected to be developed and completed within the current project BUILD UP Skills Bulgaria 2030 with the participation of EnEffect, NAVET, SAVER, BCC and BACI.

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This projecthas received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 894756.

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