Fruitful meeting with Polish SMEs and associations from the construction sector in Warsaw, January 19th

Future of the construction sector, legislation changes in terms of blue-collar workers’ energy-efficiency skills, partnerships between Polish construction companies and associations, were the most important topics during the meeting in Warsaw on January 19th. ASM Research Solutions Strategy as a host of the event, moderated the discussion to bring the most valuable content for INSTRUCT Project purposes.

During the meeting with Polish SMEs and associations like: Saint – Gobain, Austrotherm, Wiśniowski, Proventuss, Polish Doors and Windows Association, Fakro, Polish Chamber of Construction, Styrofoam Producers Association, and Chairman of the Construction Committee at the Polish Chamber of Commerce, representatives of INSTRUCT project – ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre – had a chance to identify threads and needs of the construction sector in Poland regarding energy-efficiency.

What are the needs? 

  • the need for site managers qualified in the field of energy efficiency,
  • the need for professionally trained installers,
  • arousing the need for professional performance in terms of energy among investors and producers,
  • multi-faceted integration of the construction market,
  • works in the field of energy-saving should be entered in the catalogue of works in the construction log,
  • the need for trainings for SMEs,
  • the need for a certain field of education at the higher level of education,
  • the need for cooperation between companies,
  • the need for energy efficiency certificates for the whole building,
  • the need for window and door joinery acceptance report,
  • the need for legislation changes but possible to implement.

What are the threads? 

  • The client is more educated than the installer; 
  • Very high parameters expected by UE – it can limit innovations; 
  • The market doesn’t need energy efficiency – sth expected from the EU;
  • No quality control of products;
  • Lack of employees on the market (also qualified employees);
  • Lack of awareness in terms of energy efficiency among companies, installers, clients; 

These conclusions can influence legislative and educational changes in the construction sector and start the discussion in other European countries, where INSTRUCT project also conduct research on this topic.

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