Share your knowledge about digitalization, training, energy, BIM and blockchain!

INSTRUCT is now collecting information about familiarity with digitalization, training, BIM (Building Information Modelling) and blockchain in the construction industry. Answer to this 5-minutes survey will allow us to understand people’s perspectives on the subject, to recognise the importance of the new technology, and to identify the obstacles that must be addressed in order blockchain to be used in the construction sector.

If you want to share your knowledge and support our project, fill in this short questionnaire:

INSTRUCT intends to create a complete operational framework to increase the number of skilled building professionals and blue collar workers over the whole value chain (both for renovations and new constructions), and offer a set of service to support raising awareness of home and building owners and tenants about the benefits of sustainable energy skills, and the public authorities for the development of new legislative frameworks, e.g. requirements for skilled workers in public procurement.


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