Sustainable Energy Skills in the Construction – new joint article

The European Construction sector faces unprecedented challenges to achieve ambitious energy efficiency objectives, that can be met only if successful training initiatives and supporting policy instruments are put in place, acting as a springboard to stimulate the demand for energy efficiency skills… 

Read the whole article about how each project plans to increase the demand for sustainable energy skills in the construction sector. It presents different approaches to achieve expected results and a wide range of tools for policy makers, scientific community, producers, contractors, retailers, blue-collar workers and investors.

The article was published in Open Access MDPI Proceedings after “Sustainable Energy Skills in the Construction Sector” workshop on Sustainable Places 2020. This joint publication is a result of cooperation between six Horizon 2020 projects which attended the above mentioned workshop: INSTRUCT, BIMEET, The nZEB Roadshow, TRAIN4SUSTAIN, HP4All and BUSLeague.  

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